Jesse Thomas


Jesse is a professional American triathlete and ironman competitor based in Bend, Oregon. He was a successful student athlete at Stanford University, which has a very strong track and field program, and also in Oregon State cross country competition. But he was much more than just a gifted athlete. Jesse has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering, and is not only well versed in building athletic strength, but also, through his extensive knowledge of sports science, is adept at how to apply it. For Descente, with deep roots in skiwear development, the opportunity to work with a progressive, energetic athlete like Jesse in detailed research into swimming, cycling and running – which are the basis of training for many sports – is an exciting, and much anticipated pleasure.


A native of Bend, Oregon, Jesse Thomas was always a competitive runner, but in his twenties, he picked up biking and swimming, too, and competed in his first triathlons. He soon started winning major races and decided to turn pro, with the goal of racing at the 70.3 World Championships. In addition to his athletic successes, Jesse is also a husband and father, and an entrepreneur with an MBA.