The Descente collection, which exemplifies the “function is the essence of design” principle, essentially removes all decorative elements that don’t relate to functionality. The concept of ‘minimalism’ for Descente then, involves incorporating only those elementsof ‘form’ that do not stand in the way of achieving the ultimate goal of maximizing ‘function’. Taking this approach results in a clean, beautiful finish, with greatly improved water resistance, with fewer seams and greatly enhanced lightness and comfort. The functionality that works so well in a wide variety of situations is the result of long and careful research and development into the way people actually wear their clothing and what their real needs are. That detailed process allows the designers to “feel” what their customers want in their jackets, pants, and knit caps, and to make the design transformation in a professional, scientific manner.

It is strong, simple, minimalist design at its very best, with function over form dominating the long, painstaking process of development, and producing the specifications that deliver highest performance.