DESCENTE × Kahori Maki Premium Limited Edition

About Kahori

Graphic artist based in Tokyo. Using plants and human energy as motives, she creates from one single piece of drawing and extends it to form a product or a moving image, evolving her drawing into a design of space. Besides her own artistic creations, she has also collaborated with many artists and corporations from all over the world. Recent collaborations with Apple Inc. and Adobe Systems Inc. further advanced her creative process by venturing from traditional methods to digital methods of creation. The film work "mabataku" was selected as one of the Jury Recommended Works of the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival Art Division. Studied Fine Arts in NY following graduation from the Department of Design, Nihon University.

From a single image, spaces, products, and words emerge. I always have a vision from the initial piece of work, which grows from a flat piece of art into an installation of light and imagery where the work fills and occupies a space, into a visual moving image that unfolds over time, or into a purposeful product. I enjoy creating unlimited forms of art from one idea.

Brand Concept

Behind every item is a history of techniques preserved over time, enriched by life experiences of the artisans who made it. It exists as a result of a long progression through many pairs of hands. At Descente, the whole ethos of craftsmanship is sustained by a large number of people. From the marketing team’ s initial concept, the creativity of the designers used to develop an initial image. That becomes the basis of the manufacturing process starting with more detailed design and creation of paper patterns. With sportswear, there are many things to consider: what kind of pattern to follow, how it should be sewn, and what the process of production should be. As it passes through the hands of specialists, it takes shape in each relevant stage of development, the transition of the original, flat image into a real, three dimensional product. The production specifications stemming from the original flat image become a multi-page document, evolving into an intricate instruction manual setting out exactly what sort of product it will become, and the detail of the steps to be taken to achieve it. This process is at the very heart of Descente’ s craftsmanship ethos. It is here that the DNA of Descente becomes deeply imbedded in the product.

Descente × Kahori Maki

For the 1972 winter Olympics in Sapporo, Descente commissioned Kazumasa Nagai, the illustrious graphic designer who created the SapporoOlympics logo, to design a motif for the its Olympic ski wear. The result was his “Kiryu” , or “Dazzling Flow” design, which was worn by the Japanese National Team and the Spanish Alpine Ski Team. This Kiryu Line, as it came to be known, which was worn by the Spanish skier Francisco Fernåndez Ochoa when he won gold in the men’ s slalom event at Sapporo, was the predecessor Descente’ s “Action Line” design motif. It attracted a great deal of attention at the time as a vibrant work of art that lifted the ski wear beyond simple consideration of functionality and fashion. The Spanish Team dazzled again in 1976, when their team wear featured the bright, rainbow colored design that became known as the “Rainbow Kiryu” , which had a powerful impact on perceptions of what ski wear should look like. In the more than 40 years of Descente’ s supplier relationship with the Spanish National Team, their cooperation and support in the development of trend-setting functional and fashionable wear has been an enormous benefit to the evolution of Descente’ s ski wear.